Services We Provide

Close Protection - UHNWI PROTECT LIMITED  will  provide  you with a highly trained bodyguard service that you can rely on for complete safety wherever & whenever you require protection. We will sit down with you and compose together an exclusive and fully confidential security detail that you reassure you that your security needs are being fully met and without compromise.

Specialist Niches - UHNWI-PROTEWCT LIMITED provide a specialist anti- corruption & anti- manipulation service that will prevent clients from being unknowingly corrupted or manipulated into situations involving malicious individuals with intentions of financial gain or to enhance their own public profile by creating a negative media story involving the client in which the totally innocent incident may produce and have a negative impact on the clients image. We are highly trained in identifying the malicious individuals and situations that could have a negative impact on clients reputations or image.

Mental Health & Well-Being - UHNWI-PROTECT LIMIMITED are highly trained in also identifying the non-visible signs & triggers that could have a negative affect on a clients mental health & well-being. We also trained in implementing special measures to ensure clients feel safe & secure both mentally & physically should we be requested to do so.


Residential Security UHNWI PROTECT LIMITED can provide you with round the clock manned residential security should you require it. We supply our services to private Households & Estates. We will carry out a free security & risk assessment and consult with you on the areas where you can improve or enhance your residential security if & when required.  We have provided our residential services for clients with properties valued in the multi-millions of pounds.

Driver Services - UHNWI PROTECT LIMITED  will take you in luxury wherever you need to be, on tour, PA's, TV appearance/interview, filming locations and also award ceremonies.

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